Iowa Masters Swimming

Iowa Masters Swimming

Welcome to the NEW Web site for Iowa Masters Swimming!
For the past three months, we have been reviewing content and formats and created a new, cleaner, more user-friendly Web site for our friends across the state and the country. This site is accessible to current platforms, but if you have problems, let us know. Thanks to vice-chair Rick Noeth for his conscientious review and encouragement, and to Webmaster Mike Rekemeyer for his dedication and savvy advice. We welcome feedback and hope to hear from a lot of you with tweaks, ideas, advice, etc. Thanks for your interest in Iowa Masters Swimming!

We are a group of competitive, recreational, and fitness swimmers, ages 18 and over. We swim for life! Our national organization, United States Masters Swimming, is an organization of over 60,000 men and women, offering fitness and competitive opportunities to all. Masters range in ability from those just learning to swim to former collegiate swimmers. Most Masters choose not to compete, but join to enjoy the healthful benefits of swimming and to meet other active adults. For those who do wish to compete, there is a full schedule of local, national, and international swimming events.

Learning about Iowa Masters

Our website contains information about the different Masters clubs in Iowa, the swim meets we hold, results from our meets, current Iowa Masters records by age group, our Executive Committee, our current newsletter, fitness events, and our Bylaws. You can also learn more about U.S. Masters Swimming at

Becoming a Member of Iowa Masters

To join Iowa Masters, please click here to find the registration information. Membership is administered by state, not by the national organization. You can Download the 2017 Membership Application registration form.

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